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1.Official CFS/ME Texts.
Information from governments and parliaments.
1.1International Politics
1.2Official Info Files
1.3American Politics
1.4British Politics
1.5Canadian Politics
1.6Dutch Politics
1.7Australian Politics
2.CFS/ME Resources.
A list of selected items.
2.1Clinics and Doctors
2.2Databases (professional)
2.3Databases (other)
2.5Magazines, Books, Essays, Papers, and Press Releases
2.6Patient Organizations and Support Groups
2.7Personal Web Pages
2.8Research and Conferences
2.9Search Engines
2.9.1Search Keywords
2.9.2Medical Search Engines
2.9.3ME-NET Search Page
2.10Symptoms and CFS/ME Related Resources
2.11Commercial Resources
2.12Antagonistic Resources
2.13.1Time & Date: Local <--> World
2.13.2Online Quiz
2.14.1Dietics and Nutrition
2.14.2Exercise and Overtraining Syndrome
3.Health Resources.
Medical information in a general sense.
3.1Allopathic Medicine
3.2Complementary Medicine
3.3Drugs and Pharmacy
3.4Health and Social Welfare
3.5Medical Skepticism
4.Capita Selecta.
A list of selected topics.
4.1European Page
4.3Prevalence of CFS
4.4Search Engines
4.5Stock Market News: CFS and FM
4.6Technical Page
4.7Beginner's Guide to CFS
4.8ME-NET webserver archives
4.9CFS Sidebar Tabs
4.10Social Media
4.11CFS Persons Photo Gallery
4.12CFS Belief Systems
4.13CFS Science Classification System